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...to our chocolate shop that makes handcrafted chocolates using French couverture chocolate which holds claim to one of the best in the world. We offer different types of chocolate sourced from different countries, each with their unique qualities, cocoa percentages and flavor profiles. 

This high end product is creatively used by us, using only the finest quality ingredients, all natural, then combined with our personal pride and high standard for excellence.  

That's us...

That's what you will find at Inspiration Chocolates. The chocolates are hand painted and designed and each piece is a work of art.

Our chocolates will for sure tantalize your taste buds and linger on long after, making it a truly memorable indulgence.

We have been told they are out of this world!

Along with our chocolates you will find many creations made out of chocolate, as well as products like our famous Chocolate Popcorn or our uplifting Mayan Hot Chocolate! 

 Our inspiration is chocolate!



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