Fall into the Beautiful!

Fall is so beautiful! From the goldeness to the fallen leaves,

the harvest is upon us.

This time of year we reflect and have gratitude for all we have, family and friends, and the lives we lead in Canada.

I am so grateful for all that we have!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Check out our new "pie collection". I mean who doesn't like pie?




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Summer fresh!

Here's wishing everyone a pleasant summer.

Life is short and so is summer, so have fun, enjoy yourselves and eat chocolate!

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To Celebrate all the awesome mother's!

With Mother's day around the corner, wow that special someone with a chocolate inspiration.

Wether you're a new mom or a seasoned mom, we all know that it is 24/7 job and one that carries on for a lifetime. Let us celebrate our mother's, as well as ourselves this Mother's Day!

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Happy Easter!

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

Have an Easterlicious day!

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Only limited selections left!

Your special someone will appreciate a gift of pleasure.

One day left to deliver to Edmonton and Calgary areas.

No out of province delivery if wanted by Feb. 14/15.

Have a greaaat Valentines Day!

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Yes, we love chocolate and a day especially celebrated for love is a great day to enjoy and share chocolate. Still time for the Edmonton and Calgary area and everywhere in-between to get your orders in.

Share the love and make it memorable!

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A very Happy New Year!!

2015 - a prosperous new year wish for all!

Lucky number "8" is what 2015 adds up to, so may all your dreams and resolutions be positive for you!

Thanks to all for making 2014 a wonderful year! We hope you enjoyed all the chocolate creations, as we enjoyed making them for you.

We look forward to the new year with new ideas and inspirations. Stay tuned.


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Merry Christmas to you!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, peace, love and joy! Good Tidings to ALL!
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Countdown to Christmas!

'Tis the season!

A special time of year to enjoy the company of our families, friends, co-workers and being kind to all.

If we are going to indulge, indulge in good quality, like our chocolates. Everything is OK in small doses!

So enjoy yourselves, have fun and share your chocolate!





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Can you feel it in the air?

We sure can, as we trek towards the holiday season.

Can't believe it's November! The elves are busy making all kinds of goodies.

True indulgences and neat gift items are lovingly being created.

Our flavor of the month for November is Fruit of the Cocoa.

The pulp that surrounds the beans inside the cocoa pod is where this fruit originates and offers a transcendent flavor profile of citrus, lychee and guava, as well as sweet tropic floral notes.

Stay tuned for neat things coming, and be good to yourself - eat chocolate!


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