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Welcome to our Wellness Collection!

Our Wellness Collection is made using organic & naturally colored cocoa butters, and of course, all natural ingredients. 

Great gift for the health conscious or to cheer someone not feeling well.

All boxes will receive a bonus 70% gold bar chocolate, signifying that our health is worth its weight in GOLD! Get the benefit of Zinc from dark chocolate as well.

Matcha Madness - 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. Premium matcha in a creamy white ganache and black sesame.

Ginger Goodness - Immune builder. Intense ginger in a silky milk ganache.

Heart Health - Antioxidants and immune strengthening from raspberriesblackberries and strawberries in a dark ganache.

Peppermint Pizzazz - Great for sinus and congestion. Peppermint blended in a silky dark ganache.

Cinnamon Chamomile - Cinnamon in a dark milk ganache. Lowers blood sugars and helps us relax.

Turmeric Tasty - Elixir of life. Immune builder helps inflammation and stomach. Turmeric blended into a smooth milk ganache with honey. 

Our chocolates are naturally made using the finest ingredient and one of the best in the world, Valrhona French chocolate. This high caliber chocolate lingers on, so a little goes a long ways!

The most memorable chocolates that you will never forget!

Boxes of Chocolates - 6 or 12

(Couverture chocolate, cream, glucose, butter, spices. Some may contain fruit, sugar or honey)

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