Award Winning

These AWARD WINNING Chocolates may just become your new favorite. 

2019 - The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition

- Ube and Coconut Delight - SILVER

2017 - The International Chocolate Awards  - WORLD Competition 

- Raspberry Swirl - BRONZE

2017- The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition - Ube and Coconut Extraordinaire - BRONZE

2017 - The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition -  Raspberry Swirl - BRONZE

2017 - The International Chocolate Salon - Top Chocolate Truffle Artistry Awards Competition - BEST TASTE - Maple Walnut Supreme - BRONZE

2017 - The International Chocolate Salon - 4 Star - Aztec Spice, 3 Star - Cherries Jubilee

2016 - The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition

Maple Walnut Supreme - BRONZE

2015 - The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition - Monkey's Lunch-PBB - BRONZE

2013 - The International Chocolate Award - Canadian National Competition -  French Ganache - Finalist



   Ube & Coconut        Raspberry Swirl         Ube & Coconut      Raspberry Swirl

   Chocolate Awards 2015 Bronze

Cherries           Maple Walnut      Monkey's Lunch-PBB


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