*Our On-Line Shop is Closed for the Summer! We do ship on cooler days with Canada Post or  overnight, and ALL orders are done by phone. Chocolate and heat are not a good fit, so we find this is the best way as we can't control the weather!

Our chocolates and some other goodies are available at A Little Bit of Everything, a must see shop in Athabasca.

We also look forward to some much needed down time. Thank you for all your kindness, love & support. We truly appreciate our customers and are here because of you! Have a greaaat summer!           


Hello, welcome...  

...to our chocolate shop that makes handcrafted chocolates using French Valrhona couverture chocolate. We offer chocolate sourced from different countries, each with their unique qualities, cocoa percentages and flavor profiles. Handcrafted using only the finest quality ingredients, natural, and local where possible, then combine them with our personal pride and high standard for excellence.

That's us...

 …our chocolates are hand painted and each piece is a work of art. Some are award winners too.

They will be sure to tantalize your taste buds and linger on long after, making it a truly memorable indulgence.

We have been told they are out of this world!

Along with our chocolates you will find many creations made out of chocolate like our awesome bars, chocolate Treasure Boxes, our popular Chocolate Covered Popcorn or our uplifting Mayan Hot Chocolate

We are based in Athabasca, just outside of Edmonton, AB and we ship all across Canada.

And... don't be afraid to ask if we can make something special for a theme or idea?

We can tailor make many things with our creative skills and unlimited ideas!

e-mail: jhladki@mcsnet.ca or 

phone: 780.213.0418

                           Thank you, stay safe and best of health.