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Vineyard -  Lucious grapes in a silky smooth ganache. 

Pharaoh - Milky, chocolaty and creamy ganache.

Cocoa Bean - Fruit pulp of the cocoa bean in a milk chocolate ganache.

Buddha - Coconut blended with crunchy flakes and finished off with Rum.

Bamboo Jungle - Tangy passion fruit ganache that refreshingly lingers.

Pyramid - Spicy Aztec; our award winning ganache with chipotle and chili peppers to kick it up a notch! A fan favorite.

ALL boxes come with a solid tropical fish and 3 solid mini cars made from 64% dark chocolate. (As shown).

Our chocolates are naturally made using only the finest ingredients and one of the best in the world French chocolate, Valrhona. Our high caliber chocolates linger on, so a little goes a long ways!

The most memorable chocolates that you will never forget!

Boxes of Chocolates - 6, 12, 24

(Couverture chocolate, cream, glucose, butter. Some may contain fruit, sugar or honey, and alcohol if noted).

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